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The way to initiate Physical Therapy

Starting physical therapy can be a scary and stressful process. When your physician recommends PT, many people are unsure what to do next. Hopefully, this will help answer some common questions about how to set-up therapy and what to expect from PT.

Physician’s Referral
Some insurances require a signed prescription from a licensed physician (MD, DO) within the past 30 days to begin PT, which you will need to bring to the initial evaluation. Some insurance companies allow Direct Access (DA) where you can get evaluated directly by a licensed PT without a script. If you do not have a script, it is best to first call our office to see if you qualify for direct access, or we can schedule you with one of our on-site physicians.

Insurance Coverage
Every insurance plan is unique and we always encourage our patients to first call our new patient coordinator to find out what your PT benefits are prior to beginning PT. Being in physical pain and needing PT can be stressful enough, we always wan..

How Can Metformin Affect Hair Health?

Metformin (metformin hydrochloride) is a medication used alone or in combination with other medications, including insulin, to treat type 2 diabetes (condition in which the body does not use insulin normally and, therefore, cannot control the amount of blood sugar). Metformin is a class of medications called biguanides that help control the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Metformin decreases the amount of glucose that is absorbed from food and the amount of glucose that forms the liver, also increases the body’s response to insulin, a hormone responsible for increasing the uptake of glucose by the body’s cells. There have also been studies that suggest a link between hair loss and diabetes which we discuss in our blog. How does metformin affect hair health?

How Does Metformin Affect Hair Health?
There is little scientific evidence that signifies a direct action of metformin in male or female hair loss. However, some researches have reported isolated data on hair loss in people..

6 Unnoticed Asbestos Household Things in 2018

Do you know, asbestos household items are found in the house of many families around the world? Asbestos household items are present in many homes throughout the United States. Asbestos poses a risk when it becomes friable, meaning it can be broken or crumble easily. Asbestos was commonly added to many home building materials before 1979. Although asbestos stopped being manufactured at that time due to federal regulations, products containing the toxic mineral continued to be used until the existing supply was exhausted, until the early 1980s. If you or your loved one was recently diagnosed with stage four mesothelioma or showing stage four mesothelioma cancer symptoms, we can help you find help.

All forms of asbestos household items can cause serious illnesses like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and ovarian, lung, or laryngeal cancers, though they may take decades after exposure to develop. If you do find items in your home that you think might be contaminated, don’t try to remove them on..

Vitamin D Is Vital For Hair Restoration

Vitamin D is Essential For Hair Restoration
Hair restoration is something many people look for when they reach middle adulthood. Restoring your hairline can make you feel young, confident, and handsome again. But, before you meet with your Michigan hair transplant surgeon, let’s talk about Vitamin D, something we don’t get enough of in the midwest.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Loss
Vitamin D It is a vitamin that is soluble in fats and responsible for regulating the passage of calcium (Ca2 +) to the bones. Therefore without vitamin D, this step does not occur and the bones begin to weaken and curl causing irreversible malformations, in addition Vitamin D has an important role in the maintenance of organs and systems through multiple functions, such as regulation of the levels of calcium and phosphorus in blood, promoting the intestinal absorption of them from food and the reabsorption of calcium at the renal level.

Vitamin D, also known as the solar vitamin, is produced when sunlight..

What’s astigmatism and the way can we deal with it?

What is Astigmatism and how can we treat it?
Astigmatism is a frequent and usually treatable alteration in the curvature of the eye that causes distant and near blurred vision. Astigmatism occurs when the cornea or lens has an irregular curvature. Like myopia and hyperopia, astigmatism is a refractive error, which means that it is neither an eye disease nor a health problem; it is simply an eye problem in the focus of the visual image.

Symptoms of astigmatism

Astigmatism causes blurred vision at any distance. The symptoms of an untreated astigmatism are visual fatigue and headache, especially after reading or doing activities that require using vision for a long time. Strabismus is also a very common symptom. Lasik eye surgery Michigan can help correct astigmatism for those in Michigan.

What causes astigmatism?

Astigmatism is usually caused by irregularities in the shape of the cornea. Instead of having a symmetrical rounded shape (like a baseball), it has a more similar shape to a ball of football, with a meridian significantly more curved than its perpendicular. To understand what the meridians are, think of the front of the eye as if it were a watch. A line connecting the 12 with the 6 would be a meridian; while a line connecting the 3 with the 9 would be the other. The most curved meridian along with the flattest constitutes the main meridians of an eye with astigmatism.

In some cases, astigmatism is caused by the shape of the lenses inside the eye. This is known as lenticular astigmatism, to differentiate it from the corneal that is the most frequent.

If the cornea and/or the lens have an oval shape with irregular curves, the rays of light do not project adequately into the retina and cause a refractive error

Types of astigmatism

Myopic astigmatism: One or both of the main meridians of the eye focus the light in front of the retina.
Hypermetropic astigmatism: One or both major meridians focus light behind the retina.
Mixed astigmatism: One main meridian focuses the light in front of the retina, and the other one focuses the light behind the retina.

Astigmatism is also classified as regular or irregular. In the regular, the main meridians are perfectly perpendicular to each other (form an angle of 90 degrees). In irregular astigmatism, they are not perpendicular. Most astigmatisms are regular corneal.

Irregular astigmatism may be the result of an eye injury that caused the cornea to heal, by some surgery or by keratoconus, a condition of the eye that causes thinning of the cornea. Lasik eye surgery Detroit can help correct astigmatism issues for those in the metro Detroit area, even servicing those looking for Ann arbor lasik eye surgery.


The purpose of treating astigmatism is to improve the clarity of vision and provide relief to the eye. The treatments are the use of corrective lenses or refractive surgery. Lasik eye surgery Michigan can be done at one of the states leading laser eye surgery clinics the Yaldo Eye Center.

Treatment for any form of eye condition must be taken seriously as any complications can be amplified by not following guidelines given to you by your Michigan laser eye surgeon.

Corrective lenses

Corrective lenses can be used to treat astigmatism; these act by counteracting the irregularities in the curvatures of the cornea and lens.

Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses are made with lenses that help compensate for the irregular shape of the eye. The lenses make the light refract correctly in the retina.
Contact lenses: Like eyeglasses, Michigan contact lenses can correct astigmatism. Several types and styles are available, among them, soft and disposable; rigid and gas permeable; and bifocals.

Contact lenses are also used in a procedure called orthokeratology. In orthokeratology, you wear rigid contact lenses for several hours a day until the curvature of your eye is matched. Then, you use the lenses less frequently to maintain the new shape. If you interrupt this treatment, your eyes return to their previous form.

Refractive surgery

Refractive surgery improves vision and reduces the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Your eye surgeon uses a laser to mold the curvature of the cornea and thus correct the refractive error

Among the types of refractive surgery for astigmatism are the following:

LASIK surgery Michigan (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis [laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis]): In this procedure, the eye surgeon creates a thin articulated flap in the cornea. Use an excimer laser to sculpt the shape of the cornea and then reposition the flap in its place.
LASEK surgery Michigan (laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomileusis [laser-assisted subepithelial keratomileusis]): Instead of creating a flap in the cornea, the surgeon softens the thin protective layer (epithelium) of the cornea with a special alcohol. Use an excimer laser to modify the curvature of the cornea and then replace the softened epithelium in place.
Photorefractive keratectomy Michigan: This procedure is similar to LASEK surgery, except that the surgeon removes the epithelium. It will naturally grow back and conform to the new shape of the cornea. The patient should wear protective contact lenses after the surgery.
Epi-LASIK Michigan: This is a variation of LASEK surgery. Instead of alcohol, the doctor uses a special blunt-tip mechanical instrument to separate a very thin sheet of epithelium. Then reshape the cornea with an excimer laser and replace the epithelium.

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Why your 20’s is the ideal time for Lasik!

Why should you have LASIK before you flip 30? )

In the time of 20, the majority of men and women begin their encounters in the labour area. This point of life is also a favorite time to get married and begin a lifetime. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted the use of LASIK operation for anybody 18 years old or older.Although that an”ideal” era for eyesight correction by laser operation hasn’t been definitely established, under are five reasons why patients within their 20s ) might wish to take into account the process. For those looking for lasik eye surgery Michigan, take a look at the Yaldo Eye Center.

  1. Use prescription equilibrium

For a patient to become a candidate for LASIK surgery, he should meet several states. The steady prescription of eyeglasses is, undoubtedly, among the most crucial problems. Following the next decade of existence (involving 20-30 years), the prescriptions of the majority of individuals have stabilized. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports more than 90 percentage of individuals undergoing LASIK surgery attain eyesight between 20/20 and 20/40 without eyeglasses or contact lenses. )

  1. Love a lifetime without complications

For many individuals, experiencing vision difficulties throughout the most valuable years of their lives means living with distress and limitations because of the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK results enable individuals to enjoy years of visiting and experiencing the world with reduced reliance on contacts or eyeglasses. LASIK operation also gets rid of distress when traveling for pleasure or work. Additionally, it gives a selection of possibilities for all those over 20 years because it permits them to operate in professions that require more physical action (military articles, police, firemen and construction workers) without needing to use eyeglasses. Detroit lasik eye surgery is a great solution for anyone looking for lasik in the metro Detroit region.

  1. Stay busy

After successful LASIK surgery, patients may take advantage of the forthcoming years and restart an active lifestyle without needing to use corrective lenses. After operation, you can practice your favourite game without the fear of dropping your eyeglasses spend a night with friends without fear of needing to search for a contact. Additionally, you can do other recreational and sport activities, like riding a bike, swimming, skiing, and diving, and you may no longer feel restricted by the necessity to use glasses or unique lenses.

  1. Use Youth

Patients that experience Michigan LASIK eye surgery at age 20 have the option to enjoy the time of a lifestyle without eyeglasses. Included in this normal process of aging, a individual’s eyes start to change around era 40 into 45 and a lot of men and women see they need glasses to see. The slow thickening and lack of endurance of the lens, which normally happens after 45 decades, causes individuals to have problems to see up close, this change in eyesight is known as presbyopia.

  1. Optimize your investment

LASIK surgery may be a rewarding investment for patients within their own 20s. Along with saving the cash, you now spend on contact lenses and eyeglasses, after LASIK surgery corrects your eyesight problem permits you to remove prospective expenditures. Years of prices for new eyeglasses, new lenses, replacement lenses, and cleanup materials mean LASIK is significantly less costly than wearing contacts glasses. The average cost of laser eye operation at 2017 was 2,200 per eye. The study done by LasikPlus revealed that LASIK operation permits a patient between the ages of 20 and 29 to conserve roughly $ 24,700. The iLasik savings calculator indicates the savings patients could have the ability to perform out of their own scheduling their laser vision correction earlier instead of later.

Before getting Michigan LASIK eye surgery you need to remember that every individual’s eyes are different and so, the outcomes of the operation change from 1 individual to another. To discover whether you’re an perfect candidate for this process, consult with an experienced Michigan ophthalmologist.

Advantages of Traction Treatment for Individuals Experiencing Neck & Back Pain at Michigan

Benefits of Traction Therapy for People With Neck & Back Pain in Michigan

Patients suffering from chronic neck or back pain may have a tough time coping with the burden it causes to their lives. The continuous pain makes it difficult to complete daily activities while further disrupting any attempts toward achieving a healthy lifestyle with daily exercises. If you are suffering from neck or back pain, traction is a widely successful therapy you should look into. A Detroit physical therapy clinic such as ours can help you with this form of treatment.

Traction therapy for back and neck pain offers several benefits and may be performed both manually or mechanically.

Manual Spinal Traction

During manual spinal traction, a physical therapist uses their hands to put manual force on the joints and muscles to widen the spaces between vertebrae. For those searching for Detroit spinal traction therapy, we are fully suited to help you with this service.

Mechanical Spinal Traction

In mechan..

Smoking and Smoking Increases Risk for Lung Cancer 2018

Smoking and Asbestos Increases Risk for Lung Cancer in 2018
Researchers determined that smoking and asbestos exposure collectively can increase the risk of asbestos-related diseases up to 90 percent in some cases while having little or no causal effect on other diseases. Both smoking and asbestos irritate the lungs. Smoking is a well-known trigger for lung cancer. Chronic exposure to smoke (smoking) causes as many as 90% of lung cancers.

Breathing asbestos fibers can cause lung damage which can lead to non-cancerous asbestos diseases such as pleural disease and asbestosis, or to cancerous diseases such as lung cancer or mesothelioma. When asbestos fibers are inhaled, some may be expelled, but others may remain in the lungs for a lifetime. Cigarette smoking weakens the lungs and decreases their ability to expel fibers. Smoking also acts as an irritant in the air passages causing a higher production of mucus, thereby blocking the passage of air and further decreasing the removal of fibe..

Presbyopia, it can be time for reading glasses in 2018

Presbyopia: When do you need reading glasses?

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of the ability of the eyes to focus on nearby objects. It is a natural and sometimes annoying part of aging. In general, presbyopia begins to be noticed between 40 and 45 years and continues to worsen until around 65 years.

It is impossible to escape from presbyopia, even though you have never suffered vision problems. You may find that you have presbyopia when you start holding books and newspapers one arm away so you can read them. Even people with refractive disorders have their vision blurred when they wear glasses or contact lenses.

According to the World Health Organization in 2016 more than one billion people in the world suffer from presbyopia and 517 million of them did not have an adequate correction through glasses. The Yaldo Eye center is a metro Detroit provider of Ann Arbor Lasik eye surgery.

Symptoms and signs of presbyopia

Presbyopia manifests gradually. It is possible that after 40 years you notice the following signs and symptoms for the first time:

A tendency to hold the reading material further to see the letters more clearly
Blurred vision at a normal reading distance
Eye strain or headaches after reading or doing thorough work

You may notice that these symptoms get worse if you are tired or find yourself in a poorly lit place.

What is the cause of presbyopia?

To form an image, the eye depends on the cornea and the lens to focus the light reflected by the objects. The closer the object is, the more the lens is flexed.

The lens, unlike the cornea, is slightly flexible and can change shape with the help of a circular muscle that surrounds it. When you look at something from a distance, the circular muscle relaxes. When you look at something that is nearby the muscle contracts allowing the lens which is relatively elastic to curve and change its focusing ability.

Presbyopia is caused by a hardening of the lens of the eye, which happens with aging. As the lens becomes less flexible, it can no longer change shape to focus on nearby images. As a consequence, these images are out of focus. Lasik eye surgery Michigan can be found at the Yaldo Eye Center, led by the leading lasik Michigan surgeon Dr. Yaldo.


The goal of treatment is to compensate for the inability of the eyes to focus on nearby objects. Presbyopia treatment options consist of using corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses, undergoing refractive surgery or using crystalline implants.


Eyeglasses are a simple and safe way to correct vision problems caused by presbyopia. You may be able to wear over-the-counter reading glasses (without a prescription) if you had a good vision before having presbyopia.

You will need prescription lenses for presbyopia if over-the-counter glasses are not suitable for you or if you need prescription corrective lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. The Yaldo Eye center is one of the best Lasik eye surgery Michigan clinics. The options you have are the following:

Prescription reading glasses: If you do not have other vision problems, you can use glasses with prescription lenses only for read.
Bifocals: Bifocals glasses provide far and near correction on each lens
Progressive multifocal lenses: This type of lens has no visible horizontal line, but has multiple magnifications to correct far, intermediate and near vision. The different areas of the lenses have different focus points.

Contact lenses

People who do not want to wear glasses often use contact lenses to improve vision problems caused by presbyopia. If you have certain disorders related to the eyelids, tear ducts or ocular surfaces, such as dry eye, this option may not be right for you.

There are several types of lenses:

Bifocal contact lenses: Bifocal contact lenses provide far and near correction on each lens. In a type of bifocal lens, the lower reading portion of the lens contains a ballast to keep the lens positioned correctly in the eye. The new types of bifocal contact lenses offer one type of correction at the edges (periphery) of each lens and another type of correction near the center of the lens.
Monovision contact lenses: With monovision contact lenses, you use a contact lens for far vision in one eye (usually the dominant eye) and a contact lens for near vision in the other eye.
Modified monovision: With this option, you use a bifocal or multifocal contact lens in one eye and a contact lens for far vision in the other (generally, the dominant eye). For far vision, you use both eyes and to read you use only one eye.


The LASIK procedure is widely used in the treatment of presbyopia, in this surgery near vision is improved in the non-dominant eye, while the dominant eye is used for far vision. It’s like using monovision contact lenses. Lasik Michigan is a difficult service to choose when searching for a Michigan Lasik eye surgeon.

Lens implants

Some ophthalmologists use a procedure in which they remove the lens from each eye and replace it with a synthetic lens. This is called «intraocular lens».

There are many types of lens implants available to correct presbyopia. Some allow the eye to see both near and far. Others change position or shape within the eye (accommodative lens). However, lens implants can cause a decrease in the quality of near vision, so you may still need reading glasses.

Possible side effects include reflex and blurred vision. In addition, this surgery carries the same risks as those associated with cataract surgery, such as inflammation, infection, bleeding, and glaucoma. If you are searching for a Detroit lasik eye surgery clinic, trust your eyes with the Yaldo Eye Center.

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