Criminal Medical Staff Verification is providing solutions to the governments in United Arab Emirates, and various other high-profile institutions across the Middle East along with 200+ countries. At the Middle East Region, We are the forefront of background screening and degree verification of the doctors and paramedical and technical staff related to health sector.

Medical Staff Verification Check has established itself to be one the highly valuable integrity screening solution. This comprehensive service meets all significant international standards. Thru Medical Staff Verification you can keep your hospital and medical institution risk-free by analyzing critical data usually out-of-reach of general-public.



Validate the credentials thru different databases. Also verify medical degrees/diplomas through accredited degree awarding bodies and also the validity of institutions.

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Validate the Identity thru different medical council and associations’ databases. This check enables to authenticate that the staff hired do not have any fake licence.

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This is the most comprehensive search intended to verify that any medical staff has not been included in malpractice-related activities. We have local as well as global reach to search

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The Research Process

Fill in the Fields

We have stress-free system to get the desired information. Customers just have to fill the required field and location and lay-back, meanwhile our service fetches the record by digging deep into public domain and thru public data entities.

Start Searching

Our service is designed in such a way that it links the ‘searched-subject’ with all the associations and networks, whether it is criminal database, courts records, or financial database including bankruptcy, financial standing or insolvency records.

Read the Report

All relevant data after going through quality control process is then gathered into a report, which is then available to the client at Dashboard, wherefrom the report can either be reviewed or downloaded later.

Pick a Plan That Meets Your Need

Our Packages separated by Three Sets With Range of Rates & Services Accordingly


  • 10 Checks - Global
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • 24/7 reseaech Suport
  • Technical Support

US $191

US $382


  • 100 Checks - Global
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Social media Intelligence
  • Negative Sentiments Discovery
  • Global Watchlists and Sanctions
  • Politically Exposed Person
  • District court level Litigation
  • Offical FIR (last 5 years nationwide)
  • 24/7 reseaech Suport
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Technical Support

US $2388

US $3343


For every State in the world providing health and education to its people should be the prime objective, failing in it would be detrimental to the progress and development. Pakistan is lagging behind in key health indicators. It is ranked as 146th among 177 countries on the basis of Human Development Index. This state of affairs has led the fake doctors and other unqualified medical staff to step in.

Here is the link to download our sample whitepaper which presents in details about process of carrying out background screening by digging deep into various government databases and portals; and looking into legal and financial records.




Trust the Trusted

Background Check Group is a global trusted provider of integrity, reputation & compliance management services. We deal in criminal intelligence checks, due diligence, background screening and public sourced data on companies as well as on individuals across the globe. With have affiliations with some promising organizations in the compliance field. Just to name a few association and organizations including; National Association of Professional Background Screeners, Global Association of Risk Professionals, International Association of Privacy Professionals, International Compliance Association, Society for Human Resource Management.


6 Reasons Why use CIC

Fastest turnaround times

We provide a large variety of background checking, document verification and due diligence services in more than 215 countries and territories worldwide.

Highly Secure & Confidential

Our technology safeguards confidential information through SHA-256 encryption and ensures our users are fully Data Protection compliant in all parts of the world.

Unbeatable Global Coverage

We provide a large variety of background checking, document verification and due diligence services in more than 215 countries and territories worldwide.

Accuracy through Expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of background checking, multi-lingual system and personnel ensures accuracy at all times.

The Economical Solutions

With no minimum number of checks required and discounts for high volume Users, our pricing attracts all types of organisations.

Intuitive Order Processing

Easy to find your solutions using search-bar, maps and product lists, buy individual or grouped products then view the Real-time.


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